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Shooting eyewear

A guide to eye protection for gun sports

For almost a decade, CPSA regulations have made it compulsory to wear eye protection - shooting glasses - at any clay shoot.  Although less commonly seen on game shoots, common sense would suggest that, with gunpowder and pellets being projected at high velocity, using protective eyewear during any shooting activity is advisable.

For those lucky enough to have 20:20 vision, wearing clear lenses unless the light conditions are really difficult is generally all that is needed. In fact, something like 50% of top level clay shooting competitors will often wear clear lenses.

Targeting technology

Pilla eyewearThere is a reasonably high level of science involved in creating eyewear specifically designed for shooting.

Pilla Performance Eyewear has created some of the most technically advanced lenses available for shooting (non-prescription and prescription) which actually alter the definition of what you see and even sharpen the edges of objects.

It's partly in the tinting and partly in the technology of the lens itself. They are also stronger than any other lenses, using the very latest military-grade, bullet-proof polymer.

There are certain tints – available in Pilla’s HDSpex range - which are extremely beneficial in certain light conditions. When shooting abroad in very bright light, for example, a mid-range brown or bright red lens can help to pick up a moving target more quickly.  In very low light a very light purple tint may be an advantage.

Eyewear comfort

However, it is eyewear comfort matters most. Whatever your shooting sport or style, you should be unaware that you are wearing shooting glasses.  Adjustable nose bridges are recommended for trap shooting to allow a sight right through the shot.   Easily adjustable legs on the eyewear frames also make a significant difference, but it is sometimes easy to adjust them too tight to the side of the head.  Once ear defenders are added, a headache is an almost certain outcome.

Fashion on the stand

Certainly, there is a fashion element that comes with shooting eyewear and looking good on the stand (even if you don't hit a bird all day) might be important. However, while we are delighted to supply multiple pairs of shooting eyewear, the R. Ward Gunmakers team is sometimes perplexed by guns who choose to simultaneously wear one pair of glasses on their face and another on their hat.  Science would dictate there is no such thing as 40:40 vision.

Author: Jonathan Ward



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