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A 'Ray Ward': shooting perfection

The name of the late Ray Ward has now been immortalised amongst the world's finest sporting guns. Designed and created by the very best gunmakers and engravers, owning a 'Ray Ward' is a rare and special opportunity.

Purchasing a Ray Ward

By purchasing a Ray Ward sporting gun, you are guaranteed a unique piece of craftsmanship.  From the first stroke of the draughtsman's pencil to seeing the finished article, every Ray Ward sporting gun will be a masterpiece designed and created to meet the most exacting standards.

Gun perfection takes care and time

A Ray Ward gun takes hundreds of hours to create.  The action alone requires at least 300 hours of hand crafting, while the barrels will command as much as 50 hours to be hand struck and balanced.

Every component is individually created by the most experienced makers. A Ray Ward shooting masterpiece is an investment that will last a lifetime and a single gun is available from £55,000 depending on the complexity of the design.

The Experience

The experience of buying a gun from R. Ward Gunmakers is special from start to finish. Once you have contacted us and determined which of our guns you are interested in, you will be invited to our private clay range to view, fit and try your selected gun(s).

Once your purchase has been completed, you then return for a final check, to make sure you are completel;y happy with any adjustments ,made before you leave with your new sporting gun.

Should you choose, we can also arrange tuition with John Ward to make sure you and your purchase work perfectly together before your first shoot.

Enquire about a Ray Ward gun ...

Enquire about a Ray Ward gun ...

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